Postnatal water flotation

Established by Laura in 2005 in Cape Town, this is more than just a comforting experience. 

"It is a groundbreaking developmental technique, which offers numerous physical and emotional benefits for neonates and young babies" quoted Dr Joan Westaway.

Your baby's brain and muscles grow with use

Hydrotherapy supports mental and physical development essential to your baby’s ability to move with control, and act with purpose on land.

The more your baby can use his/her brain and muscles, the stronger they will grow.


At Baby Spa, your baby will find the freedom and space he/she needs to progress and, most importantly, have fun as they learn at their own pace.

Time in water is time well spent

As your baby kicks around in the water, the small rocking waves he/she creates will help to improve their balance and coordination and, ultimately, support their ability to crawl, walk and swim. Even if your baby falls asleep in the water that rocking will continue with his/her rhythmic breathing.

The sensation of floating in warm water puts babies completely at ease and can promote a number of key benefits:

Muscular and skeletal strength is increased through the water’s gentle resistance.


Movement through the water has a positive effect on the digestive and circulatory systems, which can reduce meconium levels and lowers the risk of jaundice three or four days after birth.

Subtle water pressure on the chest can increase lung capacity by strengthening intercostal muscles and the respiratory system.


Regular visits can benefit the cardiovascular system.


Innate swimming reflexes are stimulated and honed as babies learn to control their movements.


What Parents Said

The minute I walked in, a sense of calm came over me and my little one. He adored the spa, the water soothed his sore tummy and helped trapped gas to escape.


The massage calmed and comforted him, and he started sleeping better during the day and the night. I really looked forward to our spa sessions as it provided me with a great support structure. I noticed how excited he got when he realised we were on our way to swimming.

Karen Barnard, mother

My little boy smiled for the very first time.

Shiobhan Thomas, mother

For me as a mother, it’s wonderful to see my daughter explore and enjoy movement so much.


I think there is great value in children experiencing this.

Delphine Olivier, mother

It’s a fantastic concept. 


I feel very privileged to have my son take part in it – Liam loves it!

Laura Markowitz, mother

Thank you so much for being such an amazing part of Leila's first year. Your baby spa was a real sanctuary for me in the early days. When I first came, Leila was about 2 months old, and I was home alone with her most of the time.


I really looked forward to coming to your warm, scented space where I could relax with gentle music playing while Leila was doing something meaningful. The swim and the massage were so good for her, and she will carry that experience somewhere in her memory always.


She loves the water. I hope she will be in the pool again soon.

Jenny Sandler, mother

Dru was born in water, and half-a-day later was back in the warm serene environment he was used to for so many months. He was immediately calm and relaxed in the Baby Spa. What a lovely welcome into the world. 


Ever since then, he has been drawn to water in any shape and form.  He demonstrated so powerfully the cleansing, calming, rejuvenating and healing properties of water.

Christina Guberman, mother

The moment my little one was introduced to the water,

she felt completely at ease.

Her big smile said it all.

Karen Barnard, mother