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Laura has run a swimming school in Cape Town for more than three decades. This is widely acknowledged as being one of the best swimming schools in South Africa.


She has embraced scientific advances to reconcile psychological confidence and physical independence in children in water. That this can be achieved in infants is testimony to her vision and has been a source of great reassurance to many parents.

Having established confidence in water, Laura has a holistic approach to the mental and physical benefits that can be provided with a variety of “water therapies”. This today, embodies the principle that throughout life, a healthy mind flourishes in a healthy body.

I believe this aspect of her work will become increasingly important in a hectic world driven by exploding technology where it is difficult to find serenity and equanimity.


In the face of escalating healthcare costs, she emphasises that prevention is better than cure and responsibility for your own well-being is a lifelong commitment.