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I have had the privilege and pleasure of being involved in two ways in the aquatherapy developed by Laura Sevenus; firstly as a mother who has seen my two daughters benefit greatly from the brilliant use of water as a medium for exercise, strengthening and development, and secondly as a medical practitioner facilitating sessions for babies, from newly born to six months of age.


Laura’s form of flotation allows babies to explore body movements in multiple planes. Such exploration is not possible for young babies without the weightlessness they experience in water, since they simply aren’t strong enough to move against gravity. The resistance their muscles experience while moving the body through water also provides excellent exercise.

The flotation and movement sessions anecdotally appear to greatly improve the strength and co-ordination of the babies. It also, according to all parents of babies partaking, really seems to improve sleep and decrease abdominal discomfort and colicky type symptoms.

In conjunction with a neonatologist and a physiotherapist I have also been involved in the treatment of babies suffering intrauterine and birth trauma. The babies treated with water-based therapy, again anecdotally, according to all involved, improved faster and to a greater degree than expected.

I am very excited about the effects of this method on my own children and the other babies I observed. I hope as many parents, teachers and medical people as possible will discover this wonderful method for treatment and development. I have no reservation endorsing the methods developed and used by Laura Sevenus and her team.