How long is a session?

Approximately one hour. Your baby will be in the water for around 10 to 15 minutes at their first visit, depending on their reaction. With consistency, the flotation can increase to 30 minutes. 

Time in the water is followed by massage therapy. The duration of your baby’s massage depends on their initial tolerance. By listening to your baby’s cues, working gently. With sensitivity in the beginning, your baby’s sensory threshold will gradually increase to enjoy longer sessions.

What are your opening hours?  

Each Baby Spa has its own opening times, please check specific opening times in the appointments section of our website.

How can we make a booking? 


Via the booking system via our website here. Alternatively you can also book by phone or email. All sessions are paid for in advance. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Early cancellations (at least 24 hours prior) will receive a class credit on your Baby Spa account to be used at another time. We do understand that babies may wake up on the stiffly side or fretful, however late cancellations prevent others from joining a class. No-show clients will not be given credit towards pre-paid classes or packages for the missed appointment. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) will not receive a refund or credit.

Should we bring our baby before or after a feed? 

Your baby should not be hungry or tired to be able to experience optimal benefits.  

How much earlier should I feed my baby before he/she goes into the water? 

20 minutes between a feed and a floatation is ideal, however no harm will be done if your baby is fed immediately prior to the flotation as he/she will not be swimming vigorously enough to cause indigestion

When is the best time to attend?

Ideally, after a long sleep and a feed. For very young babies, this could either be morning or afternoon. Babies over 4 months generally benefit more during the morning.

Can we come before sleep time so that our baby will sleep longer afterwards?

The Baby Spa experience is stimulating for babies. We all know, that keeping a baby awake exacerbates their situation and makes it difficult for them to settle easily.

Can we come with friends as a group? 

Yes, see ‘book group session’ for information. For group booking's please call us directly. We recommend that your first visit be alone with your baby as an extra opportunity to bond. 

Can we bring visitors to watch? 

Our clients love to share this experience with grandparents, close friends and family however, please be mindful of expecting your baby to interact. He/she will enter a world of their own so we request that visitors respect this private exploration and relaxation throughout the session.

Can we take photographs? 

The Child Protection act does not permit the photography of babies other than your own. We understand that parents wish to capture their child’s enjoyment, however, the value is in ‘the moment’ which should not be missed as it cannot not be substituted. 

Do we get into the pool with our baby? 

You will be interacting with your baby close at hand from the side of the pool. Your baby is perfectly safe with our certified flotation device.

Is the flotation device safe? 

The Bubby was developed for the safety and comfort of babies and was rigorously tested before it was certified by the authorities.  

The minimal weight of the Bubby allows baby to be completely unhindered to enjoy a range of movement they otherwise would not experience. 

Can we buy one to take home or on holiday? 

The safety and care of babies is paramount to us. Therefore, professional supervision in and around water is essential at all times. For this reason, they are not for sale.

Is it safe to attend if my baby has not had all of their inoculations yet ? 

There is no chance of contamination as your baby will float in an individual neopod.

What do we need to bring? 

Bring a pacifier if your baby is accustomed to one and formula please, if your baby is bottled fed as babies are thirsty after the sessions. Herbal teas and water are provided. 

Do we need to bring swimming nappies? 

You are welcome to bring your own, however we supply them.

How often should we attend Baby Spa? 

This is up to you as a parent, however once a week is practical and general practice.

How long should we keep attending? 

Once again, this the personal choice of parents. General rule is until swimming lessons begin.

How does Baby Spa support bonding? 

When parents witness their babies relaxing and enjoying themselves in water, parents are happy and relaxed too. This mutual exchange of satisfaction reinforces attachment and is an additional opportunity to bond.

We have a baby who tends to be fussy almost all of the time. When would be the ideal time to bring him/her? 

The morning sessions are the most advantageous in this case.

If you have any other question, please let us know.

Thanks! Message sent.